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Super Socco Stories

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Remember this drink like it was yesterday

Date: Apr 2, 2015Written by: Lance TorkosFrom: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

I am from Langley, British ColumbiaI so remember this drink like it was yesterday. I want so badly to have this back again. My kids will love it as much as I did and I will again. How do I buy into the company please let me know, hahaha.

Just bring it back soon please I love this stuff. I have an old Canucks Game program that has an actual page that Super Socco is on it, I saved this from a long time ago cause it makes me think of the good times drinking Super Socco.

Cheers, enjoy the pics guys and Bring Me Back My Socco!!!

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I’m so excited to have this drink back again

Date: Apr 2, 2015Written by: Kel Phillips

My name is Kel Phillips, I used to drink so much Sup Socco when I was a kid. I remember my dad taking me to The BC Lions games and us having Super Socco all the time. I’m so excited to have this drink back again, I missed it so much.

When I found out it was coming back I told my son about how much I used to drink it when I was his age and all I hear every day is Dad, will Super socco be back this week. Please hurry and Bring this back, here is a Piece of history for you guys, I never got any autographs but I have had this for many years. Super socco puts a smile on my face,

Thanks for bringing it back.

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